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New Discworld miniatures WIP, 2009-04-27

Four new Discworld figures are almost ready - Otto Chriek, Mustrum Ridcully, Twoflower and Giamo Casanunda.
They still need some final touches and will be added to our Discworld miniatures range soon.

Wolsung SSG kickstarter June 2014, 2014-05-19

This June we plan to run our first kickstarter. We want to ask you guys to help us collect funds for two brand new Wolsung SSG factions, new ground breaking rules and a lot of new minis to add to our three existing clubs. Stay tuned for new info about our project which we will share this month.

Micro Art Studio team

Salute 2014, 2014-03-27

Salute 2014

Make an order before 6th of April sending us an email and pick up your package with 20% discount at Salute 2014

Send us your order via email to shop[a]microartstudio.com

Wspieramy Grę planszową - Pan Lodowego Ogrodu, 2014-03-12

Wspieramy i was też zachęcamy Nasz rzeźbiarz przygotowuje pionki a my będziemy odpowiedzialni za ich produkcję.

Więcej informacji na temat kampanii znajdziecie pod tym adresem:

Christmas Rush, 2013-12-03

Due to the fact that Christmas is coming and the post works slower then usually we'd like to inform you that we cannot guarantee that the products ordered after 7th (outside the EU) and 12th (in EU) of December will reach you before the Christmas. That's why we'd like to encourage you to make earlier orders to avoid delays.
Best regards,
Micro Art Studio Team

Check out our new WWX terrain, 2013-11-22

Check out our new WWX terrain

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